Otoplasty or ear surgery consists of correcting, by means of surgical techniques, the shape and position of the ears. The most common defect are the so-called “protruding ears”, which affects approximately 10% of the population.
In adults, we usually perform the intervention with local anaesthesia; however, we recommend anaesthesia with sedation for children. Hospitalisation is not necessary.

We must not forget that it is a surgical procedure. For optimal results and in order to avoid unnecessary complications, you should always consult with a Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist.

Torn earlobe

A torn earlobe is usually the result of having worn heavy earrings for years.

The earlobes suffer from the weight and progressively “lengthen”, giving an aged appearance to the earlobes, sometimes to the point of tearing them.

The use of otoplasty techniques can correct the size of the lobe and repair torn earlobes, a cosmetic issue that can be annoying and anti-aesthetic.