Bichectomy (buccal fat extraction)

Do you want your cheeks to look thinner and enhance your cheekbones? Bichectomy consists of contouring the face, by extracting the fat located on the cheeks. Thus, we get a more angular face and higher cheekbones.

Cheekbone sculpting

There are two surgical techniques to get more defined and pronounced cheekbones: lipo-filling and augmentation with custom prosthetics.

Lipo-filling of the cheekbones consists of enhancing and defining the cheekbones by infiltrating the patient’s own fat. This fat is usually obtained from excess fat of the inner cheeks.

The custom cheekbone prosthesis is another option that we offer to certain patients, in order to achieve the same objectives. In this case, we make the custom prosthetics using 3D technology, based on the facial structure of each patient.